To participate in Union of Kingston Students' sports you will need to purchase a sports card.

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The sports card costs just £40 a year and provides each student with Endsleigh gold sports insurance covering from personal injury to equipment theft. Once a sports card is purchased students are entitled to join as many sports clubs as they would like at a price of £5 each. The average cost of running a KUSU sports club per student per year is £332.60 which the students' union pays the vast majority of to keep sport at KUSU at student friendly prices.

KUSU currently supports, develops and administers 35 competitive and non-competitive sports clubs with a membership of just under 1500 students. Competitive clubs currently compete in British Universities College Sport (BUCS) and Southern England Student Sports Association (SESSA) as well as local and national competitions. If you want to try something exciting and new, KUSU supports a range of non-competitive clubs, from the depths of sub-aqua to the heights of snowboarding. These types of clubs organise and arrange weekend trips and there are always opportunities for training and development for students to reinforce the growth of these activities.

We are a function of the Students’ Union with the aim to provide support and advice to any of you looking to start up or join a club. We have a wide range of sports currently up and running from traditional sports such as football and rugby to non-traditional sports such as cheerleading and mountaineering.

Coming to a University where you may not know many people can be a daunting prospect. Joining a sports team is a great way to meet new people as well as being part of something you feel passionate about. If there isn’t a club here that appeals to you, you have the opportunity to set a new club up and run it your way.

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Running your own club won’t be easy, but you'll have plenty of support from Sports Office. It'll be hard but rewarding and you'll gain significant skills and experience which you can utilise in the future.

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Josh Moss – Sports Co-ordinator

Josh is here to help support the development of the clubs and their committees to ensure that good quality exists within clubs. He also oversees all of the club budgets, agrees budget requests and authorises any payments of claims and invoices in the clubs account. Josh is responsible for the improvement of performance of sports clubs with BUCS and other competitions and to promote and support the establishment of new sports clubs.

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or call on 0208 417 2230